ThermiVa (Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation)

Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes which may affect feminine wellness. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, multiple births, and the effects of menopause can cause physical changes which can rob women (and their partners) of their sense of well-being and happiness. Woodbury Plastic Surgery is pleased to have ThermiVa as an option for women who want vaginal rejuvenation without surgery.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa treatments delivered controlled energy to the desired areas - external (labia) and/or internal (vagina) - using the same technology that has been used for years to reduce the effects of aging. The complete ThermiVa procedure includes 3 separate treatments over a period of 3 months.

ThermiVa may be the right treatment for patients who:

  • Are experiencing vaginal dryness
  • Are experiencing vaginal laxity after pregnancy and childbirth
  • Suffer from mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Lack sensitivity during sex
  • Would like the vagina area to look refreshed and more youthful

You are NOT a candidate for ThermiVa if you are currently pregnant, have a mesh implant, have signs of vaginal or bladder infection, or have severe vaginal prolapse.

How it Works

ThermiVa treatments use temperature controlled radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue so that women can reclaim, restore and revive femine wellness without discomfort or downtime. The ThermiVa procedure takes 30 minutes, is pain-free and requires no downtime recovery. Patients can resume regular activity and sexual function on the same day. ThermiVa treatments are gentle, relaxing and feel like an internal, warm massage.

Your Free Cosmetic Consultation - ThermiVa (Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation)
We invite you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. David Thao, one of Minnesota's top board certified plastic surgeon, to explore your ThermiVa (Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation) procedure. Dr. Thao has been named BEST PLASTIC SURGEON by Readers' Choice, TOP DOCTOR by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, BEST DOCTOR FOR WOMEN and BEST MINNESOTA DOCTOR by Minnesota Monthly.

During your ThermiVa (Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation) consultation all aspects of your proposed treatment will be discussed including preparation, relative risks, recovery, range of fees, and financing options. Woodbury Plastic Surgery in Minnesota is committed to caring for the whole person by educating, nurturing and comforting our patients in a safe and professional environment.

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