Vascular Birthmarks Treatment

Almost everyone has a birthmark. In most instances, birthmarks are small, and often located in inconspicuous areas covered by clothing. Many people consider these innocuous birthmarks a sign of their own uniqueness. However, some birthmarks are clearly disfiguring, especially those that appear on the face and neck. These birthmarks can be a source of great psychological and social pain.

There are two basic types of birthmarks. Red or vascular birthmarks are caused by an irregularity in the blood vessels and are the most common type of birthmarks. Pigmented birthmarks, known as nevus or nevi, are brown in color and may be very large. Many birthmarks fade before children reach school age, but more commonly, they remain if untreated.

IPL TM provides new options for many patients with disfiguring birthmarks. IPL treatments are non-invasive. A series of treatments can provide a long-lasting solution for those suffering from unsightly birthmarks.

Your Treatment
Dr. Thao will determine a treatment plan for you depending on the size, location and other characteristics of the lesion. A large, facial birthmark can be treated in approximately 30 minutes, and a series of treatments is required for the maximum effect. Before treatment, a cold gel is usually applied to the area to be treated, and you are given protective eyewear. During treatment, the smooth glass surface of the IPL handpiece is gently applied to the skin, delivering precise pulses of light to the area being treated. IPL treatments are considered pain-free, but an anesthetic cream can be used if the light pulses are uncomfortable. Some patients compare the sensation to a light pinch or the snap of a rubber band. You can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Your Consultation - Vascular Birthmarks
An initial consultation is required for all laser and IPL procedures. We invite you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. David Thao, one of Minnesota's top board certified plastic surgeon, to explore your Laser and IPL treatment options. During the consultation all aspects of your proposed treatment will be discussed including preparation, relative risks, recovery, range of fees, and financing options. Woodbury Plastic Surgery in Minnesota is committed to caring for the whole person by educating, nurturing and comforting our patients in a safe, professional environment.

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