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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery | St Paul MN | Woodbury MNDr. Thao is one of the most requested board certified plastic surgeon around for Asian double eyelid surgery. He has created Asian double eyelid for patients from all over the country and has helped many patients look and feel better about their eyelids. Dr. Thao is known as a top and best plastic surgeon for Asian double eyelid and Asian cosmetic surgery.

Asian double eyelid surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the Asian community both in the U.S. and Asia. Asian double eyelid surgery is unique and different from a standard eyelid surgery or traditional blepharoplasty . A traditional blepharoplasty is usually done on patients of western descent whose primary goal is rejuvenation of the aging upper lids where excess skin and fat are removed. The Asian double eyelid surgery was developed for patients of Asian lineage that want to create a new crease where no crease exists in the upper eyelid or enhance an inadequately defined, asymmetrical, or unstable crease.

Most patients that request Asian double eyelid surgery are younger women and men in their teens, twenties, and early thirties. Older patients may wish only to restore the youthful appearance of the eyelid without noticeably altering any basic ethnic characteristics. The surgery procedure for these older patients will more resemble a standard eyelid surgery or traditional blepharoplasty . Also, men and women often vary about how they want their eyelids done. For instance, women are more apt to request a higher eyelid crease, which aids in the application of makeup.

Sometimes your desired crease (small, medium, or large) may not be possible due to pre-existing anatomincal limitations. However, Dr. Thao will work closely with you to determine which type of crease will match you the most based on the anatomy of your eyes and other facial features.

Generally, good candidates for Asian double eyelid surgery are:

  • Men and women who are healthy and have realistic expectations.
  • Men and women who desire the creation of a new crease.
  • Men and women who desire the enhancement of an existing crease.
  • Men and women between ages 18-40 years old.
  • Men and women that have excessive, sagging or wrinkled upper eyelid skin.

Asian double eyelid surgery will help create a crease in the upper eyelid or make an existing crease more pronounced. A well defined crease in the upper eyelid will make the eyes appear bigger. A bigger eye is generally a sign of youth, attention, and vibrance.

Your Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian double eyelid surgery is done on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is preferred so Dr. Thao can interact with the patient to verify the shape and position of the crease and eyelid during surgery. The procedure takes about two hours and involves removing a small amount of excessive skin, some tissue under the skin (muscle and septum), and a small amount of fat pads. Dr. Thao will put in two types of sutures: deep fixation sutures and sutures on the outer edges of the skin. The new crease will hide the incision line.

Initially the crease will look slightly higher than expected due to the swelling and bruising but over a one to two months period, it will achieve an ideal level and shape. Following surgery you may experience mild discomfort. Dr. Thao will give you oral medication to ease the discomfort. Apply cold compresses for about 2 days to prevent swelling and avoid vigorous activities for at least two weeks. You may take a shower but avoid getting the eyes soaked. The outer edge sutures are usually removed in four days and the deep fixation sutures are removed by day seven.

After your suture removal, Dr. Thao will instruct you on post operative care. Light eye make-up can be applied shortly after both types of sutures are removed. You can begin wearing contact lenses usually within 2-3 weeks. Your final results will not be noticeable until six months to one year.

Lower eyelid surgery is another cosmetic procedure that will complement the Asian double eyelid surgery and improve the overall appearance of the eyes and face making you a new person looking much younger and rejuvenated.

Botox Cosmetic injection is an additional cosmetic procedure that you may consider to diminish frown lines between the eyes and horizontal lines in the forehead. Botox is an excellent procedure to erase “crow's feet” around the outer eyes as well.

Additional cosmetic surgery procedures that may enhance your results include Forehead Lift, Facelift, Chemical Peel or Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and Restylane.

Your Free Cosmetic Consultation - Asian Double Eyelid
We invite you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. David Thao, one of Minnesota's top board certified plastic surgeon, to explore your Asian double eyelid procedure. Dr. Thao has been named BEST PLASTIC SURGEON by Readers' Choice, TOP DOCTOR by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, BEST DOCTOR FOR WOMEN and BEST MINNESOTA DOCTOR by Minnesota Monthly.

During your Asian double eyelid consultation all aspects of your proposed surgery will be discussed including preparation, relative risks, recovery, range of fees, and financing options. Woodbury Plastic Surgery in Minnesota is committed to caring for the whole person by educating, nurturing and comforting our patients in a safe, professional environment.

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